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    Prefab Steel Structure Workshop

    Prefab Steel Workshop mainly load bearing member are Steel Structure, including Steel Coloumn , Steel Beam , Steel Structure Basement , Bracing system , Wall and Roof Purlin , Steel Workshop divide into Light Steel Workshop and Heavy Steel Workshop , the Over head Crane lift capacity more than 25Ton , and Steel quantity of per square meter more than 50kg/m2 is for the Heavy Steel Workshop In China the Main Structural we used Q345 Steel , the Purlin and Bracing system used Q235 steel . The Wall and Roof are Single Color sheet , Sandwich panel according the requirements of client.

    Steel Workshop Building

    Steel Workshop Building refers to the main load-bearing member is made of steel composition. Including steel columns, beams, steel base, steel roof ,Steel Workshop divided into Light Steel Workshop and Heavy Steel Workshop .

    The advantage of the Steel Workshop is that all the Steel Structure can fabricate in workshop and assemble on site , installation quickly , the small workshop can finished installation in 1 – 2 month , save man power , Steel Structure Workshop Building use Single Color sheet , EPS Sandwich panel and other Single sheet with Insulation ,Good effect of thermal insulation and separated Chapter ,Steel Structure Workshop Building has a good seismic performance, light weight steel structure belongs to the flexible structure, which can effectively reduce the seismic response and disaster impact, highly conducive to the earthquake Appropriate for demolition relocation.

    The short construction period of Steel Structure Workshop can be put to use in advance, to obtain investment returns in advance;use the colourfull single sheet , nice look and improve the dynamic sense of the surrounding environment;Because of the Lightweight , the ground don’t need the pile foundation ,save the investment.

    CF Steel Structure substantial steel metal workshop building has features of high fire proof, strong corrosion resistance. Steel structure warehouse main bearing component is composed of steel, including the steel columns, steel beam, steel structure, steel roof truss. Each component uses welds, bolts or rivets to connect.


    The roof and wall can be made of composite panel or veneer. Galvanized sheet metal can prevent rust and corrosion. The use of self-tapping screw can make the connection between the plates more closely, to prevent leakage. You can also use composite panel for roof and wall. The sandwich is polystyrene, glass fiber, rock wool, polyurethane. They have good thermal insulation, heat insulation, fire-retardant. The wall of the steel structure maintenance also can use brick wall. The cost of a brick wall is higher than galvanized steel roof and wall.

    The usage scale includes large-scale workshop, or warehouse, supermarkets, entertainment centers and modular steel structure garage.

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Steel Workshop