Steel Structure

    Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Building

    Double-layer steel structure workshops have more space for use, can effectively increase the use of area, use space rationally, save enterprise expenses, and improve company efficiency. They are applicable to textile, clothing, home appliances, food, papermaking and other light industrial sectors. The biggest difference between a double-storey steel structure factory and a single-story steel structure factory building is that the double-storey factory building has one more floor plate. This floor plate makes the steel column bear more pressure, so the overall bearing capacity of the steel column must be considered when designing.

    1. Most of the materials used in the steel structure warehouse are steel. Compared with the traditional concrete, the strength of the steel is higher and the weight of the steel is lighter. Under the same stress, the section of the steel structure member is smaller and the weight of the steel structure member is lighter. Easy to install and transport. 2. The toughness and plasticity of steel is good, and the material is more uniform and reliable. It is suitable for bearing impact and dynamic load, and has good seismic performance. 3. Steel structure in the process of reproduction and installation of a high degree of mechanization, steel structure components are easy to manufacture in the factory, the site assembly. The finished component manufactured mechanically in the factory has high precision, high production efficiency, fast assembling speed and short construction period.

    Structure of warehouse management system

    Steel Structure Warehouse is more durable and can be coated with aluminum compounds to prevent rusting. They are also cheaper and much quicker to construct since all of the drilling, cutting, and welding is done before the components are sent to the construction site to be assembled.

    A full range of building components: ceilings, walls, eaves, etc. are standard components that can be installed on light steel construction. All components, such as fire doors, top door ventilation ducts, translucent panels, windows and shutters, can be easily installed on site. All steel frame components can be galvanized according to customer requirements; top and wall panels are available in a variety of topcoat colors, shapes, etc., thus greatly improving the aesthetics of the shape design, enough to meet the requirements. There are various types of large-span mezzanine floors that can be installed in traditional or composite buildings. The welded variable cross-section frame designed by computer can make great use of raw materials. A large net span of up to 72 meters. All types of steel structures can carry cranes and guide rails. Light steel buildings can be designed in a variety of "high-low" configurations. Ancillary buildings can be built on any of its walls.

    Light Steel Frame Structure

    The light steel structure is constructed mainly of section steel, steel plate link or welded structure, and then connected to form the structure. Compared with the traditional concrete building, the steel structure uses the modern construction technology, insulation materials and pipelines, and other aspects of the construction industry, steel structure building thickness is much smaller than the traditional concrete building.

    Steel Construction Light Steel Frame House

    Light steel frame is suitable for load-bearing buildings which do not bear heavy weight. The light steel structure frame uses light H-shaped steel to make portal steel frame support, C-shaped steel and Z-shaped steel to be used as purlins and wall beams, and profiled steel plates or light sandwich panels to be used as roofing. A steel house assembled from connectors such as bolts and other sealing materials.

    Steel Structure Warehouse

    Light removable steel structure warehouse The steel structure warehouse is an pre-engineered steel structure which is widely used for the large-scale workshop, or used for the warehouse, supermarkets, entertainment centers and other buildings.

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Steel Structure