Poultry House

    Poultry Farm House Design

    The rapid assembly, rapid extensibility, quick moldability and tightness of the modern light steel structure poultry farm house provide a reliable and high quality environment for intensive chicken raising.

    Modern caged and flat farming equipment provides a solid support for intensive chicken farming. Under the unified feeding and management conditions, the growth and development of chickens are quite neat, and the range of chicken activities is small, and they are happy to live in groups.

    By controlling the lighting time and intensity of the house, it is possible to control the opening and closing and uniformity of the chicken, making it possible to mass raise free-range chicken and caged chicken.

    High-density breeding improves the utilization of chicken houses, and the chicken cages are well-established. The single- or multi-layer light steel structure is easy to build. A chicken house can raise tens of thousands of chickens, saving labor and achieving high productivity and high efficiency farming.


    1. The construction period is short, and the construction period is shortened by about 1/3 compared with the traditional chicken house. It can speed up the construction period of the farm house, reduce the pressure of capital occupation, reduce the risk of market changes, and improve the investment efficiency of the farm.

    2. The light-weight steel structure of the chicken house has a corresponding reduction in the load capacity of the foundation, which can greatly reduce the cost of the foundation and greatly reduce the cost of the civil foundation.

    3. The chicken house has good airtightness, can be made without dead angles, can hide the steel structure, and is convenient and convenient for cleaning and disinfecting.

    4. Hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion, excellent structural design, seismic and wind-resistant, high-quality thermal insulation materials, good thermal insulation and sound insulation

    5. Building materials can be recycled and environmentally friendly.

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Poultry House