Galvanized Steel Shed In SriLanka

    Our company fabricated Galvanized Steel Shed for client in SriLanka, the size of the shed: 18m(W)x50m(L)x6m(H), all the steel structure are hot dip galvanized, Wall and roof sheet used 0.5mm galvanized coated single color sheet. The design structure of SriLanka and China are almost same, the steel shed including: H section Column,H section Roof beam, roof bracing, wall bracing, tie beam, roof purlin, wall purlin and brace.

    Steel Structure Warehouse Building For Panama

    Our Company design and manufacture Steel Structure Warehouse Building for client in Panama the wall and roof used 75mm EPS sandwich panel. Steel Structure Warehouse Building is formed by light steel structure frame, wall and roof system, the light steel structure frame including steel column,steel beam, bracing and purlin, the wall and roof system with various choice according the requirements of clients, we could supply 0.5mm corrugated color sheet, EPS sandwich panel, Glass-Wool Sandwich panel and PU sandwich panel. Steel Structure Warehouse Building could equipment over head crane the lifting capacity according the clients requirements, we used bigger section steel to enlarge the strength of the steel frame and attach crane beam to support the crane. Steel Structure Warehouse Building design for production using, the using life of steel structure more than 50 year, the good quality Aluminum-Galvanized corrugated could use more than 20 years.

    High-Rise Steel Warehouse Building For Mozambique

    Our company design and fabricated 6 stories High-rise Steel Warehouse Building for Mozambique Client, The Roof panel used 50mm PU sandwich panel, the design of the steel warehouse building by steel framework structure system, the column and beam used Q345B steel, the painted is white color epoxy zinc rich painted three layer. High-rise Steel Warehouse Buildings components as follows: Main Structure: Steel Column, Floor Beam, Roof Steel Beam, the Materials Q345B Welding H Beam, Yield Strength: 345Mpa. Secondary Structure: Roof Bracing, Roof Purlin, Wall Purlin, Tie Beam ects, Materials: Q235B Steel, Yield Strength: 235Mpa. Roof panel: 50mm PU Sandwich panel.

    Steel Workshop For Australia

    Our company design and fabricated Steel Workshop for client in Australia, the Project is steel building mixed with concrete building, the steel roof structure sit on the concrete column, the concrete column design for 10 Ton and 5 Ton bracket , the roof used EPS sandwich panel. Steel Workshop for Australia mainly load bearing member are Steel Structure, including Steel Column, Steel Beam, Steel Structural Basement, Bracing system and Purlin for wall and roof. Steel Workshop for Australia are very durable. They are strong enough to withstand heavy snowfall, high winds, and strong earthquakes. The Wall and roof panel be coated with galvanized and aluminum compounds to prevent rusting and increase the life of the panels. Steel Workshop are also non-combustible so it's unlikely they will be destroyed by fire.

    Prefab Steel Workshop For Georgia

    Our company design and fabricated Prefab Steel Workshop for our client in Georgia. The Specification of the Prefab Steel Workshop as follows: (1)The Size of the building is ( 21 M+10 M ) x 140 M. The Height of the building is 10 M Clear and 6 M Clear and 20 M Clear at various points. (2)There is Mezzanine floors at various Points. The Mezzanine height is 5 M. (3)Four Number of Silos are located at between bay numbers 23 an 25. These silo are having conical Bottom discharge. The silo are to be supported at 5 Meters Level Mezzanine Beams, The Total Working Weight of Each silo is 100 Tons. ALL Mezzanine beams in this area should be designed for this load of 100 Tons x 4 Nos = 400 Tons .

    Prefab Steel Warehouse Building In Switzerland

    Our company fabricated double floor prefab steel warehouse building in Switzerland, the project local in Colombo which is the capital of Switzerland, our company fabricated all the steel structure according the drawing plan that provided by client, the Main Structure used Q345B steel, the secondary used Q235B steel, the painted is epoxy zinc rich painted, wall and roof purlin used galvanized C section Purlin, the roof panel used 75mm rock wool sandwich panel, the wall panel used 50mm rock wool sandwich panel.

    The Prefab Steel Warehouse Building we fabricated according customer detail design drawing and shop drawing, the steel warehouse building is the extend building for the original warehouse, our client want to extend the production building, the construction of the prefab steel warehouse process quickly, the client make the pre-embedded anchor bolt on site, when our steel structure reach site the client do the installation directly.

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